Healthy food habits during summers

Food to beat Indian Summers

  1. Curd : One popular item for summer season in India is curd. Life without curd is simply – impossible. Curd can consumed in various forms like Raita’s, Chaach (buttermilk), Shrikhand , lassi.(made of curd,sugar, ice).In South India people eat curd rice in summers. Any curd based dish is effective to keep you cool in summer’s.
  2. Unripe mangoes is very effective as it protect us from heat strokes.
  3. Watermelon : Musk Melon contains high level of water. Hence they should be consumed in bulks. Water melon is 91% water by weight .
  4. Coconut water : is a super drink. It has the same electrolytes concentration as in our blood and so it gets absorbed very fast. It contains a lot of beneficial vitamins and minerals. It helps in weight loss and also in maintaining healthy metabolism.

Food tips to beat Indian Summers

  • Drink lots of water and fluids so that less of water can be compensated. Hyderate yourself with water and juices .Fluids like lemonade and coconut water should be consumed in more quantity as they electrolytes and hence it takes care of the mineral requirement of the body.
  • Always go for light diet which can be easily digested by our body without much effort oily and junk food should be avoided.
  • Avoid too much of tea and coffee as it contains caffeine which results in dehydration. Restrict tea and coffee to two cups a day. You can switch to green tea as it contains anti-oxides which are great help to body during summer seasons.
  • Do not eat spicy , hot and extremely salty food as they are hard to digest and will have ill effects on the skin.

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